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The very nature of the computing industry, with its extraordinary rate of technological development, creates a constant need for specialized skills in updating and advising our clients on computer-related issues. We focus on offering support to our small business clients who typically don’t have dedicated IT personnel, but do have IT needs, and our residential customer who also deal with day-to-day computer, home network and security related issues.

At A & G Computers we continue to offer affordable, on-demand service, maintenance agreements, and expert guidance and assistance.

Our customers are treated like family.

John C. Getchell

Sales & Networking for Business and Residential Customers

John C. has owned and operated business machine stores, working in the retail office machine business for over 35 years.  Getchell’s Typewriters focused on mechanical office machines; CRT Repair saw the transition from typrwriters to computers; and A & G Computers dives deeper into the electronic age of computers and office machines.

John Z. Getchell

Customer Service, Repairs and Technical Support

John Z. who officially joined the family business in 2011, started out building computer systems over 10 years ago. During this time he honed his technical, repair and networking skills supporting clients at A&G ranging from those in private homes to large businesses. With a vast understanding of Windows based systems, his knowledge spans across multiple computer platforms, laptops and network devices.

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